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    Who We Are


    MTLAW JURIS CONSULTS is a sustainability-driven firm with over forty years of experience across teaching, consultancy and advisory roles in environmental law and policy making. In line with our vision of a green future, we provide consultancy services on corporate governance, environmental regulatory frameworks, research and recommendations to organisations, governments and individuals in their dealings with the environment. We also offer training services and appraisals of treaties and regulations regarding our clients’ business dealings.

    What We Do

    Let Our Experience be Your Guide

    Biodiversity Conservation

    We help clients understand their rights, needs and duties regarding the conservation and management of species and ecosystems to ensure...

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    Waste Management

    We offer consultation and waste management advisory services to governments, businesses and organisations to help them combat residential and industrial...

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    Why Choose Us

    Devotion to Green Solutions

    At MTLAW JURIS CONSULTS, we provide innovative and tailored advice to ensure effective environmental practices


    We provide excellent and efficient services to our clients by going the extra mile to ensure we solve their problems. At MTLAW JURIS CONSULTS, we provide innovative and tailored advice to ensure effective environmental practices.


    Our service delivery, attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction are second to none. We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable ideas, recommendations that help our clients in particular, and humanity in general build for the future.


    We believe in inclusive growth and help our clients cultivate enviable organisational and environmental ethics by carrying them along every step of the way. We also advise and promote the adoption of sound environmental management practices in the journey towards a cleaner and greener future.


    We are committed to entrenching environmentally sound management practices at all levels while promoting self-auditing and internal appraisals of environmental and good governance ethics.

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    Trajectories of a Sustainable Future: Harnessing the Legacy of Education

    -Poverty and Environmental Degradation -“Option Poverty Eradication via Education for Sustainable Development" -ESD: A Convenient Vision -Education: A Dynamic Tool2

    The Place of Law in Biodiversity Conservation in the Niger Delta

    -Profile Niger Delta -Approaches to Biodiversity -Conservation -Global/National Trends -Convergence of Trends

    The Non-implementation of UNEP Report Recommendations

    -Recommendations for i) government; ii) industry operators; iii) Ogoniland -ERA/FoEN Conference Goals -Reflections -Setting the Stage

    Quest for Sustainable Development: Land Rights versus the LAND USE ACT,1978 (Nigeria)

    -Nigeria - Profile -Reflections -Conceptualizing Land -Analysis of Land Rights

    “Option CC/G-77 and China”… Inventing a South-South Techno-fiscal Policy to Douse Global Warming…

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