Trajectories of a Sustainable Future: Harnessing the Legacy of Education

  • Poverty and Environmental Degradation
  • “Option Poverty Eradication via Education for Sustainable Development”
  • ESD: A Convenient Vision
  • Education: A Dynamic Tool
  • Education and National Environmental Policy
  • The Dawn of United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
  • ESD: A 21st Century Movement
  • Towards Legal Education for Sustainable Development
  • Resistance to Change
  • Greening Legal Education

The Place of Law in Biodiversity Conservation in the Niger Delta

  • Profile Niger Delta
  • Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation
  • Global/National Trends
  • Convergence of Trends
  • The Role of Law
  • Beyond “Law”

The Non-implementation of UNEP Report Recommendations

  • Recommendations for i) government; ii) industry operators; iii) Ogoniland
  • ERA/FoEN Conference Goals
  • Reflections
  • Setting the Stage
  • Repeating History
  • Environment and Development
  • Redommendations/Conclusion.

Quest for Sustainable Development: Land Rights versus the LAND USE ACT,1978 (Nigeria)

  • Nigeria – Profile
  • Reflections
  • Conceptualizing Land
  • Analysis of Land Rights
  • Protection of Land Rights
  • Implications of LUA for SD

“Option CC/G-77 and China”… Inventing a South-South Techno-fiscal Policy to Douse Global Warming…

  • Climate Change … The Bleak Picture
  • Decoding “Option CC/G-77 and China”
  • Forecasting a Third World Climate Rescue Mission
  • NIGERIA ‘Gas Flaring’ … Case Study
  • An Alternative Climate Change Preventive Plan.. Berlin Mandate Revisited
  • The Way Forward
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