Framework for the Cleanup of the Niger Delta

  • Reinventing the Wheel?
  • Background/In hindsight
  • What steps to be taken?
  • Can HYPREP deliver?
  • Is the widely touted “Restructuring/Resource Control” an option
  • Way forward

Financing Environmental Sustainability in a Changing Environment

  • SF/ES Opposite Sides of the same Coin
  • Drivers of Change in our Environment
  • The Future We Want
  • Planet Earth… Financial Institutions to the Rescue
  • Who Wears the Financing CapGreening Financial Institutions
  • Platforms for International Cooperation
  • Classic Benchmark Models
  • The World Bank and Environmental Sustainability
  • Nigeria: Prospects for Financing Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Justice, Equity and Rights in Nigeria

  • Inchoate Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Governance
  • Law and Institutions to Sustain Environmental Justice, Equity and Rights
  • Prospects for the Future

Environmental Governance and the Rule of Law

  • NESREA’s Mandate
  • Environmental Governance
  • Rule of Law Interface
  • Enhancing Effectiveness of National Environmental Laws
  • Enforcement Paradigm
  • State/Federal Relationship

Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development – Ensuring Effectiveness of the EIA Act

  • Environment is life.. Natural resources key to sustenance of life.
  • Role of EIA Act in Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development.
  • Relevance and effectiveness of the EIA statute in Nigeria’s bid for green economy
  • Fundamentals for ensuring compliance with and effectiveness of the EIA Act, 1992.

Environmental Disasters in Nigeria

  • National Policy on the Environment, 1999 ….premised on the concept of sustainable development
  • “Disasters” addressed under crosscutting/specific issues
  • The National Emergency Agency (Establishment, etc.) Act, 1999
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