Practice Areas

MTLAW JURIS CONSULTS is a sustainability-driven firm with over forty years of experience

across teaching, consultancy and advisory roles in environmental law and policy making. In line with our vision of a green future, we provide consultancy services on corporate governance, environmental regulatory frameworks, research and recommendations to organisations, governments and individuals in their dealings with the environment. We also offer training services and appraisals of treaties and regulations regarding our clients’ business dealings.

MTLAW JURIS CONSULTS takes on consultancy projects bordering on the preservation, restoration and enhancement of our natural environment across all institutional and governmental levels in the following areas

Biodiversity Conservation

We help clients understand their rights, needs and duties regarding the conservation and management of species and ecosystems to ensure...

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Waste Management

We offer consultation and waste management advisory services to governments, businesses and organisations to help them combat residential and industrial...

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Climate Change

Our consulting team features key figures and leading experts in the climate change discourse. We help companies, countries, and individuals...

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Environmental Justice

We provide representative, consulation and advocacy options for clients in the environmental justice space. This includes negotiating with givernment agencies...

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