“Option CC/G-77 and China”… Inventing a South-South Techno-fiscal Policy to Douse Global Warming…

  • Climate Change … The Bleak Picture
  • Decoding “Option CC/G-77 and China”
  • Forecasting a Third World Climate Rescue Mission
  • NIGERIA ‘Gas Flaring’ … Case Study
  • An Alternative Climate Change Preventive Plan.. Berlin Mandate Revisited
  • The Way Forward

Land Use Planning & Water Law: Discordant Regulatory Provisions on Wetlands Conservation in Nigeria

  • Nigeria… geo-ecological profile
  • Global threat of water scarcity
  • Drivers of water crisis in Nigeria
  • Protection of wetlands
  • Legal regime on wetlands in Nigeria
  • Exemption of ‘traditional uses of wetlands’
  • Discordant features of Nigeria’s wetlands regime
    Way forward

New Paradigms & New Trends in Safeguarding the Earth

  • Background to Paradigm Shift
  • Global/National Trends
  • Convergence of Trends
  • The Role of Law
  • Beyond “Law”

International Environmental & Human Rights Law in Nigerian Courts

  • Good Environmental Governance
  • Environmental Democracy
  • Inchoate Environmental Justice
  • Barriers
  • Environmental Citizen
  • Way Forward

Impacts of Oil Drilling & Climate Change

  • The Niger Delta
  • Oil Drilling Impacts
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Responses… Mitigation and Adaptation Measures
  • Way Forward
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